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Events of recent years, including 9/11 events , have led to the realization that skyscrapers are potential death traps, especially for inhabitants of higher floors, in cases of catastrophic events. In recent years we witness additional high-rise building large-scale disasters such as:

These tragedies, and, of course, the World Trade Center disaster, have underlined the vulnerability of the building's core and emergency stairwell as the only venue for evacuation, escape and as means of access for fire and rescue personnel. Clearly, as the US National Institution of Standards and Technology (NIST) concludes emphatically in its study of the WTC collapse, there is an acute need for alternative, back-up solutions.

Initiated in September 2002 by a group of highly experienced entrepreneurs, Escape Rescue Systems Inc. has developed an innovative system which revolutionizes the evacuation of tenants from high-rise buildings, and enables the fast and safe transportation of fire and rescue forces to the focus of an emergency. Other existing and competing solutions do not offer comparable effectiveness.

 The Rescue System
The Rescue System is an array of five collapsible cabins, permanently stored on the roof in a folded position.

Upon deployment, the cabins array is lowered to the ground. It then unfolds, enabling emergency responders to board the cabins. It travels upwards until it stops opposite five elevated floors simultaneously, enabling 150 occupants to enter through specially configured exit windows. The array is then lowered to the ground and tenants exit as it refolds. The system repeats this cycle, transporting responders up and into the building and evacuating tenants as required.

The system, based on a unique, patent-pending technology, enjoys substantial advantages over competing concepts and other new products:

· Very high throughput capacity;

· Effective to all building heights;

· Serves both evacuation (“down”) and rescue personnel transport (“up”);

· Requires no skill or unfamiliar actions by evacuees; and is

· Suitable for all ages and physical conditions of evacuees, including disabled people.

 The Company

In July 2004, Escape installed the first prototype system on a 21 story building. The system has been approved for safety by the German Institution TUV.

In October 2005, Escape won US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) under the SAFETY act.

In the United States and the international arena, Escape is a leader in the process of recognition and standardization of external evacuation from high-rise buildings.


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