The Escape Rescue Lite System

The Escape Rescue Lite System comes in two basic configurations: either with one solid cabin or with two solid cabins folded one into the other in a "nesting array configuration."

Like the Standard Escape Rescue System, the Lite System is installed on the roof and the system is unobtrusive and "invisible" from the ground. Upon deployment, the system lowers the array to the ground. It then unfolds allowing response teams to enter the cabin or cabins and to be transported to higher floors, to the focus of the emergency.

The cabins travel upwards and stop opposite one or two elevated floors (depending on configuration), enabling 30 people to enter the cabin/s through specially configured exit windows simultaneously. The cabins are then lowered to the ground and evacuees exit as they re-nest. The system repeats this cycle, transporting responders up and into the building and evacuating tenants as required.

The Escape Rescue Lite System is lighter and more compact than the standard Escape Rescue System and requires less space for installation and storage.

Its smaller capacity, lighter configuration and its different configuration choices makes the Escape Rescue Lite System perfectly suitable (but not only) for hospitals as cabins can be customized for special applications, such as the evacuation of bed-ridden patients.

Both systems, the Escape Rescue Standard System and the Escape Rescue Lite System, are self-powered and remotely controlled from the ground. 

The Escape Rescue System – a Revolution in Rapid & Safe Evacuation

An advanced multi-platform rescue system installed unobtrusively on the roof-top, requiring almost no alteration to the building, Suitable for both existing and new structures.

The only platform solution to comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials - ASTM Standard E 2513 for Multi-Story Building External Evacuation Platform Rescue Systems.

NFPA Building Construction and Safety Code (NFPA 5000) and the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) include adoptable annexes that specify the conditions for installation of Platform Rescue Systems (Such as the Escape Rescue System)

  • Saves lives!
  • Protects property by facilitating a speedy response to emergencies
  • Ensures peace of mind for tenants, employers, owners and building management
  • Provides effective and guaranteed means of escape for hospital bedridden patients or people with mobility problems, from any floor of a hospital, regardless of their mobility impairment.

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