Safety and Fire-Resistance


The Escape Rescue System meets the most rigorous standards for safety and, due to its unique concept and design, it can operate and perform during rescue operations even under the most adverse conditions. The critical system components and sub-components are configured with redundancy, in order to ensure that the system will perform even in the event of failure of one or more of its components.

  • Energy and power – the Escape Rescue System does not depend on the energy of the building as it contains two diesel operated engines that provide the electric and hydraulic power needed for its operation. As the system can operate with just one power generator motor, the second affords critical redundancy.
  • Material strength – The system’s components are designed to withstand up to 10 times maximum nominal load, for example the system’s cables and structure.
  • Electronics – the system is operated with a wire-less control console using an encrypted Frequency Hopping capability to ensure operational control and to avoid possible radio interference. There are two consoles per system so that if one is unavailable or compromised, the rescue teams can use the other. The communication between the console and the roof-top control panel of the system is also redundant:  in an extreme incident it can be plugged physically via hard-wire.
  • System Command and Control – although the system is operated from the control console, usually from the ground level, in case of need, the operator can transfer control to the rescue person inside the cabin.
  • Guaranteed Descent – in an extreme event, whereby(for unforeseeable reasons), the system power and electronic capabilities are damaged, and there are people inside the cabins, the system can nonetheless be brought safely to  ground, thanks to a gravitational controlled mechanism. Evacuees will NOT be left stranded in the system on the building façade!


The systems components are designed and tested to withstand high temperatures and heat radiation. The cabins are made of heat resistant material and they protect the people inside even when the cabins go by a burning floor on their way up or down. The design parameters ensure system integrity and person tenability through 600C.

The Escape Rescue System – a Revolution in Rapid & Safe Evacuation

An advanced multi-platform rescue system installed unobtrusively on the roof-top, requiring almost no alteration to the building, Suitable for both existing and new structures.

The only platform solution to comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials - ASTM Standard E 2513 for Multi-Story Building External Evacuation Platform Rescue Systems.

NFPA Building Construction and Safety Code (NFPA 5000) and the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) include adoptable annexes that specify the conditions for installation of Platform Rescue Systems (Such as the Escape Rescue System)

  • Saves lives!
  • Protects property by facilitating a speedy response to emergencies
  • Ensures peace of mind for tenants, employers, owners and building management
  • Provides effective and guaranteed means of escape for hospital bedridden patients or people with mobility problems, from any floor of a hospital, regardless of their mobility impairment.

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