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Our Story

Initiated in the wake of 9/11 and subsequent catastrophic fire events around the world, Escape Rescue Systems Ltd. has developed an innovative system that revolutionizes the evacuation of tenants from high-rise buildings, and enables the fast and safe transportation of fire and other rescue forces to the focus of an emergency. Other existing and competing solutions do not offer comparable effectiveness.

The first system to be installed on a high-rise building was deployed on a 21 story office building in Ramat Gan. The system consisted of 5 collapsible cabins able to hold 30 people each, from 5 consecutive floors simultaneously. The system was used to train rescue personnel and for trial runs during the regulation development process. (Currently, the system is not in use due to construction work on the building roof-top).

Escape Rescue Systems dedicated substantial time and effort and actually led the development of standards and regulations for external evacuation from high-rise buildings internationally. The Escape Rescue System solution now meets the exacting and demanding requirements of international codes and standards that guide the installation of external evacuation systems, and the company has begun marketing actively.

The first fully operational and certified system was installed and delivered to the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv in 2014, and the second system is due to be installed at the same hospital in June 2015.

After multiple successful installations in Israel, Escape Rescue Systems is expanding internationally. Our latest installation and commissioning of two Lite Systems was just completed on the two 38-story towers of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the popular tourist destination of Jeju, South Korea, in cooperation with the local fire brigade authorities, the system is now fully operational

Escape Rescue Systems Ltd is guided by the vision of safety for all in high-rise buildings. Ten years ago a group of experienced entrepreneurs and engineers coalesced around this vision and determined to revolutionize safety for tenants, guests and property in high-rise and other occupancies with special needs.

The result of clean-slate thinking led to the Escape Rescue solution – entailing a ‘flip’ of the traditional “down and then out” paradigm to an “out and then down” approach. The resulting technology indeed affords a real step up for both evacuation and responder access – for high-rise safety.

Team Leaders

Mr. Moshe Mizrahy

  Mr. Moshe Mizrahy, Chairman of the Board, is a seasoned entrepreneur, and a founder of several medical device companies. Among these companies – Moshe was founder and CEO of Syneron Medical Ltd., a NASDAQ traded company. Currently Moshe is the founder and CEO of Home Skinovations, a home-use medical aesthetics company and Invasix Ltd., one of the leading companies for laser in plastic surgery. Previously, Moshe was the founder of the Nitzanim Venture Capital Fund and SBD – Strategic Business Development Ltd. – a strategic planning and business development consultancy.

Dr. Yoni Shimshoni

Dr. Yoni Shimshoni (Phd, Brigadier General, Res.), President, has had a long career in both public service and in business. Among other positions, he was Director of Planning for the IDF General Staff and served as Partner in Charge, PwC Consulting in Israel. At PwC Yoni assisted large companies as well as technology start-ups with their business development and regulatory affairs. Yoni is Chairman of the ASTM Sub-committee on external evacuation solutions and is a member of the NFPA Committee on Means of Egress.

Mr. Yann Botton

Mr. Yann Botton (B.Sc Mechanical Engineer), CEO, came to Escape after a long career in the IDF as project manager. He started at Escape Rescue Systems as the Director of Engineering, leading the development of the Escape Lite System, and the manufacturing and installation of two system at the Tel-Aviv Medical Center. Skilled in managing projects with multi-disciplinary systems in combination with R&D, mechanical engineering, mechanical and thermal analysis, hydraulics, control systems and radio communications. In 2016 Yann replaced Dr. Jonathan Shimshoni as CEO of Escape Rescue Systems.