All the Advantages in One Solution

Saves Lives!

While there is a plethora of evacuation solutions for descending from a high floor in the event of a fire or other types of emergencies, most of these solutions offer evacuation for fully able people and do not contemplate evacuation of the elderly or people with impaired mobility. The Escape Rescue System is a mass evacuation system that provides a fast escape for tens of people in each cycle.

Effective Escape

Critically, the Escape Rescue System is the only system available today that tackles the vertical access challenge, provides a solution that transports rescue personnel up and into the higher floors, while evacuating people of all ages and physical abilities from any floor.

Speedy Response

The Escape Rescue System can be operated by the building tenants without the need to wait for firefighters and special respond forces. Just 2-4 minutes and the system is ready for evacuation.

Safety Durability

The Escape Rescue System is the only system that protects the evacuees inside the cabins even when travelling through open flames and smoke, and can do all of this in a building whose power has shut down.

The Escape Recue System is the only one that meets the strict requirements of the following standards and authorities:
• The governing ASTM standard on Multi-Story Building Platform Rescue Systems (E2513-07)
• The technology/solution was awarded US Dep. of Homeland Security Designation under the SAFETY Act
• NFPA included the solution of external evacuation (with specific reference to our kind of technology and the ASTM standard) as adoptable annexes in both the Life Safety Code and the Building Code